introduction to yinyoga

This online course is mainly for you who is working in the health area (massage therapist, health coach etc) that wants to learn the principles of yinyoga. After the course you will be able to recommend simple yoga poses to your customers. You can attend this course if you wish to broaden your knowledge or get one more tool to use in order to help your customers to achieve a better health. This is also for you who wishes to learn the basics of yinyoga for home practice. 

What is special about yinyoga is that the positions are easy and gentle so that most people can do them on their own. There are different variations to the yinyoga poses and they can be adjusted to fit every unique body and ability. Yinyoga helps the body to maintain its flexibility. When practising yinyoga you stay in every position for a long time which makes the yoga form a combination of stretching and mindfulness.

The course is completely online based and you will go through the videos on your own and in your own pase. Enroll and get access immediately. 

This is included: 

  • Yinyoga as a yoga form 
  • Introduction to the fascia and the meridians in the body
  • Important to think about when practising yinyoga
  • Review of 5 yinyoga positions and variation

The course include 9 videos and 1 yinyoga quiz. The video material sum up to  45 minutes. 

Feel free to get in contact if you have further questions