self-love boost
in 7 days

6/1 2020

Do you feel that there is no space left in your life for your own needs and your own dreams? Are you too busy taking care of others or trying to live up to expectations? Then this course could be right for you, one week to make piece with yourself and find your own truth. 


What is self-love? It is a big word with so many meanings and is of course an ongoing process through out life. To simplify the concept of self-love it is to be able to see your own value and the right to be on this planet. A few things that can help with increasing this love is to get to know your own person and your qualities, to take care of your self and your body and to make some active changes in your life. This is what the course will help you with. When you find self-worth it can cure the root of so many problems, such as dwelling, indecision and the infinite search for confirmation. This will lead to clarity, motivation and well-being.

How a day will look like

You will start each day with yoga practice. During the day you will be handed a self-awareness assignment in order to get perspectives and get to know your inner self. You will end each day with a guided meditation which will help you relax and have a good nights sleep. 

The yoga form

The yoga practice will contain downword facing dogs, balance exercises and yinyoga positions, so it is a soft yin yang practice. Yoga is not suppose to be difficult, you are able to find your unique level that is suitable for your body and the daily fitness. The yoga is beginner level to intermediate level, since you can adjust the practice. 

Practical information

Your can continue your life as usual, for example going to work or school, when enrolling the course, but the rest of the time you are recommended to focus on yourself and your journey. Even though this is a seven days course you will have access to the material for one month. The log-in information will be sent to you by email when the online course starts.

This is included in the course: 

- 7 yoga classes (25-30 min videos)
- 7 self-awareness assignments 
- 7 guided meditations 

More information about the course will be available soon...

585 kr