Umami In vegan cooking

The word umami comes from Japanese and is known as the fifth taste. The taste can be described as meaty, smoky, nutty, cheesy and salty. It can be associated with the taste of broth or barbecue in the summer. Umami is what gives character to a dish and the key to make really tasty vegan food. 

To enhance the umami in vegan cooking there are some tricks.

To enhance the taste of stored cheese one option is to use nutrional jeast which can be used in pasta, polenta or dips. 
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Another way is to add sundried tomatoes in salads, pasta or sandwiches. 
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To find the smoky taste one can roast nuts or seeds and add chipotle which is smoked chili 
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Other flavoring is balsamic vinegar, miso, tamari, broth and fund. The combination of mushroom and tamari is very effective. 
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